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StarNET PRO Analytic Server Product: CSP-EVS64
StarNET PRO 64 Channel NVR Server Product: CSP-20SVR64
EVS Series Extended Video Storage
StarNET PRO eSATA Extended Video Storage
8 Channel Encoder
16 Channel Public View Monitor Streaming Decoder
DirectNET Bullet with AI 5 MP On-Camera Analytics
DirectNET Dome with AI 5MP On-Camera Analytics
Video Management Software Mobile App
Free Software Version
Client and Server Software v.3.9.1
EVS 20 Series Extended Video Storage
16 Channel DVR "HD over Coax" Digital Video Recorder
2MP DirectNET Remote Head Camera 4.3mm Fixed Lens
2MP DirectNET Remote Head Camera 2.4mm Fixed Lens
2MP DirectNET Outdoor PTZ Dome Camera 30x Zoom
The CDI5D13VIFWH DirectNET Dome camera provides high quality video at 5 megapixel resolution.
  5MP DirectNET Outdoor IR Bullet Camera 4.0mm Fixed Lens
5MP DirectNET Outdoor IR Bullet Camera 2.7-13.5mm Motorized Vari-focal Lens
The CDI5D360W DirectNET Indoor Fisheye dome camera provides high quality, 360º video at 5MP resolution.

Keyboard Controller

24 Port PoE Switch

8 PoE Port Switch

8 or 16 PoE Port Switch