CHMM Mullion Mount

Mullion Mount Option
Wall Plate and Steel Backbox

The CHMM Mullion Mount allows for low-profile, low-visibility installations for the CCI2D43R remote head camera. The CHMM supports both flush mounting using only the wall plate, and surface mounting by attaching the backbox back or sides. When flush mounted, the CHMM can become a covert surveillance option that is unobtrusive to patrons. When using the CHMM, the cabling for the CCI2D43R is completely hidden reducing the opportunity for tampering. The mount is designed to work on both metal mullions and drywall. The CHMM is available in both black (CHMMB) and silver (CHMMS).

Dimensions CHMM_Dimensions.jpg
Manuals CHMM_Installation_Templates_in_Package.pdf
Photos CHMM-mullion-mount.jpg
Spec sheets CSV_CHMM_001_ENG_001.pdf
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