8 Channel, 4 Amp

The Costar CP power supplies are designed to manage power requirements of remote cameras and accessories. The CP Series distribution power modules are designed with 4, 8, or 16 channels individually fused outputs in either 12 or 24-volt options. The CP Series power centers are housed in the premium heavy gauge metal enclosure.



Power Supply, 4 Channel, 24 VAC, UL Listed, 4 Amp


Power Supply, 8 Channel, 24 VAC, UL Listed, 4 Amp


Power Supply, 16 Channel, 24 VAC, UL Listed, 8 Amp


  • Convenient screw terminal and fuse access
  • Separation panel between transformers and output access (UL models)
  • Power ON/OFF switc
  • AC power LED indicator
  • Individual LED’s for each fused output
  • Multiple knockouts to accommodate various wiring configurations.
  • Uses easy to find automotive style fuses (24 VAC models)
  • Includes transformer and spare fuses
  • Double coated polyurethane finish
  • Lockable heavy gauge metal enclosure
Photo CP824-4UL.png
Spec Sheet CP824-4UL.pdf

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