4 Channel


  • Compatible with H.264 and H.265 IP cameras
  • Compatible with the XDi 20 Series Recorders
  • DirectNET protocol supported
  • Analytic algorithms supported
    • Heat Mapping
    • People Counting
    • Queue Management
  • Firmware upgrades available via network
  • Firmware duplication and auto-recovery functions to enhance system stability
  • Configuration of device settings and the integrated management of multiple VA Boxes
    can be done on the Network Video Recorder (NVR)
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) and 12VDC

The CRIA04 video analytics box provides video analytics for 4 channels of video. The three video analytics currently supported are heat mapping, people counting, and queue management. The installer is capable of mixing and matching any of these three video analytics over the 4 channels. For example, the user can set up all 4 channels of one type of analytic or three channels of different analytics and one duplicated.

Heat Mapping
Heat mapping highlights where people spend time and what they interact within the scene. This analytic can be utilized to determine the best location for new products and promotional material such as advertisements and pop-up displays to maximize exposure. This analytic can also be used to determine slow traffic areas that may lead to sluggish sales.

People Counting
People counting keeps track of exactly how many people come and go in the scene. This analytic can be used to determine the difference between the estimated traffic and the actual traffic. Practical uses for this analytic would be for areas that require high-level security, such as an airport. The expected number of visitors can be predicted by accumulating people counting data over time and the appropriate actions can be made in advance to prepare for high traffic times.

Queue Management

Queue management observes the number of people waiting in lines. This analytic can enhance customer satisfaction by allowing management to open and close the appropriate amount of checkout lanes based on how many customers are in line. This analytic can trigger an alarm that alerts managers when lines get too long. This allows management to provide service to waiting customer quickly as well as efficiently implement an internal shift change system.



4 Channel Video Analytics Accessory Box


Manual CRIA04_Manual.pdf
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