StarNET PRO Analytic Server

Product: CSP-10SVRA


  • Powerful AI Analytics: Deep learning processing, up to 64 channels.
  • NVIDIA RTX2060 Super 8GB: High-performance processing unit.
  • Events Detection: Loitering, intrusion analytics for security.
  • Object Detection: Humans, vehicles, bikes classification.
  • Color Detection: Detects black, white, gray, red, yellow, green, blue, magenta, brown.
  • Standard Sampling Resolution & Rate: 640×360 at 5ips.
  • Various Connections: HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA, Ethernet, USB, audio.
  • Maximum Display Resolution: 4K (HDMI/DisplayPort), 1080p (VGA).
  • Storage and Interfaces: SATA, eSATA, RS232, USB ports.
  • Software Compatibility: Windows Embedded Standard 8, StarNET PRO NVR Servers.



Increase the ROI of a StarNET PRO NVR Server by adding the StarNET PRO Analytics Server. The StarNET PRO Analytics Server uses powerful artificial intelligence (AI) analytics, powered by deep learning, to process incoming video on up to 64 streams, creating metadata in the process. The metadata is then added to the recorded video for easy retrieval.

Several analytics are available. Object detection classifies objects as either humans, cars, or motorcycles/bicycles with colorful box identifiers in live mode or optional on-screen pop-up notifications. Intrusion, loitering, and line-crossing detection analytics can be setup to watch areas and alert or trigger event alarms on access violations. Basic analytics such as motion detection and tampering are also available.

Forensic searching is significantly enhanced by adding the StarNET PRO Analytics Server. Using the metadata generated, searching for objects is simple and quick. Just enter the search terms, such as color and object type, and the video with matching metadata is retrieved without the need to scrub through hours of video. With the Person Match feature, a human can be tracked on one, or across multiple cameras with a few easy clicks generating a comprehensive list of their activity.


Live Monitoring View:

  • Classify Humans / Cars / Bike with colorful box identifiers in live mode or optional on-screen pop-up notifications
  • Intrusion and line crossing detection (set zones or trip wire)
  • Loitering detection (set number of humans and dwell time)
  • Send alerts such as emails, trigger event alarms, and more…


Play Back Search:

  • Person Match tracks a person across one more cameras generating a comprehensive view of an individual’s whereabouts
  • Easily filter large amounts of video with detailed metadata searches using object classification and color.
User Manual CSP-10SVRA_AE_Spec.pdf
Quick Guide CSP-10SVRA_QuickGuide.pdf
Spec sheet CSV_CSP-10SVRA_001_ENG_001.pdf


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