IP Keyboard & Video Matrix

The CVI5000 is an IP Joystick Keyboard capable of decoding, configuring and controlling Onvif compliant IP cameras. It is also compatible with the CVIxx Series IP Video Wall Matrix controllers.The CVI5000 keyboard is equipped with a large HDColor LCD Screen, displaying live video from configured IP cameras as well as various setup and control functions. Using the 3D joystick you can control various Onvif compliant PTZ positioners or PTZ dome cameras.The CVI5000 is also equipped with an HDMI output used to connect an external HD monitor which can be configured to display up to 25 cameras (5×5) simultaneously. The operation of the CVI5000 IP keyboard is simple allowing the user to control with ease, functions such as calling up a camera to the on-board LCD screen or to a particular window on the external monitor.


  • Large Function Keys allow direct camera control
  • It can address and control multiple sites
  • Connects directly to a LAN switch
  • Powered by 12VDC power supply
  • Field programmable and upgradeable
  • Control Video-Splitting functions for up to 5×5 maximum windows
  • Support for setting and recalling preset positions for enrolled Positioners or Speed Dome cameras
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2 x HDMI Output IP Video Matrix
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