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Costar Video Systems proudly introduces StarNET, the latest Video Management Software (VMS). StarNET was developed on the success of the popular iRAS platform. The powerful processing capabilities of StarNET allows it to manage multiple video streams from both analog, HD-TVI, and IP cameras. The StarNET platforms allows for a decentralized management structure, which does not require a central point of access. The StarNET Client can be loaded on an unlimited number of computers and each user can customize their client based on their personal requirements. StarNET allows users to not only view both live and recorded images but quickly produce self-extractable video files that are universally portable to other computers without the need to load any special viewing software. Powerful visual reference maps allow the user to quickly view thumb nail displays of live images embedded within the map as well as link up to 64 map layers together. Multiple views can be displayed on multiple monitors simultaneously, including live viewing, playback and features such as interactive mapping, and advanced management tool to monitor health and generate status reports.

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  • Remote surveillance of live videos and remote playback of video recordings
  • Real-time notifications of detected events and remote monitoring of event video
  • Snap shot film strip marking the beginning of each motion event for finding target events
  • Search by exact time, date or events
  • Bookmark multiple recorded events for review
  • Panic recording of live videos and playback
  • Tabs include live view, playback, map, device check, health and others
  • Up to 4 of each tab type can be opened simultaneously and displayed on up to 16 monitors
  • Live images and maps can be view simultaneously on the same monitor
  • Registration of up to 1,024 recording devices
  • Simultaneous remote software upgrades and multiple system set up
  • SSL support and authority settings by user groups for security

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User Manual v4.0 PDF
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XDi 20 Series, 4 Channel NVR H.264 and H.265 Linux OS
XDi directNET 20 Series, 64 Channel NVR H.264 and H.265 Linux OS
Discontinued. XDI 20 Series, 8 Channel NVR H.264 and H.265 Linux OS
Discontinued. XDi 20 Series, 16 Channel NVR H.264 and H.265 Linux OS
Discontinued XDi 20 Series, 32 Channel NVR H.264 and H.265 Linux OS

16 or 32 Channel DVR
Embedded Windows OS

Video Management Software Mobile App