2 MP Lens 5-100mm
DC Auto-Iris

Costar lenses are made of high index optical glass elements which produce a rich and razor sharp image. Specifically designed to use with high-resolution cameras, these lenses are available in DC Auto-Iris configurations. Auto iris lenses are used primarily externally where there are variations in the lighting levels.



2 Megapixel, 1/2.7″, 5-100 mm, DC Auto-Iris, CS Mount

Outdoor Housing

Corner Mount Adapter

Junction Box

Pendant Mount

Pole Mount Adapter

Wall Mount

Wall Mount

Flush Mount Bracket

Pendant Mount

Wall Mount
Drop Ceiling Kit
Pendant Mount, Indoor

Pole Mount

Wall Bracket
Wall Mount Kit
Pendant Mount
Trim Ring, Indoor
WD Purple microSD Western Digital microSD Card Solution

4 Channel, UTP TVI Power-thru Balun Hub

16 Channel, UTP TVI Power-thru Balun Hub