1 Channel

UTP Video Balun

The CUTPVP CCTV Power-thru Balun provides the transmission of video signals and remote power via a single UTP (unshielded twisted pair) cable for more versatile cabling. The CCTV Power-thru Balun is used in pairs that allow you to eliminate more expensive coaxial cable, which include coupling signals from remote video cameras to display systems, video capture, security and surveillance monitoring applications.



1 Channel, UTP Passive Video and Power Balun, RJ45 & BNC connectors


  • 1 Channel
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Outdoor Housing

Junction Box

Pendant Mount

Drop Ceiling Support

Pendant Mount

Pendant Mount
Drop Ceiling Kit
Drop Ceiling Support
Junction Box
Junction Box
Pendant Mount, Indoor

Pole Mount

Wall Mount Kit
Junction Box
Trim Ring, Indoor

8 Channel, UTP TVI Power-thru Balun Hub

16 Channel, UTP TVI Power-thru Balun Hub

16 Channel, UTP Analog

UTP Video Hub

1 Channel, 20 VA
1 Channel, 40 VA