StarNET PRO 64 Channel NVR Server

The StarNET Pro Series 64 Channel NVR Servers provide up to 64 channels of Full HD real-time recording and live display. The StarNET Pro Series NVR Servers offer advanced H.265 compression coupled with an Intelligent Codec that delivers incredibly clear images while reducing storage space by as much as 50%. The powerful capability of the StarNET Pro Video Management System makes this recorder an ideal choice for large distribution centers and warehouses. The StarNET Pro 64 channel recorder delivers a complete network surveillance solution that meets the demands of user applications from a single location to more complex multi-site locations.

The StarNET Pro Video Management System can support enterprise level deployments and provide a complete management system that will keep constant command of the entire system from a central location and keep administrators alerted of important alarms. As with all Costar recording platforms, the StarNET Pro Series NVR Server maintains its compatibility to the StarNET Pro Remote Access interfaces and all its analytic and back up capabilities.




A&E Spec CSP-10SVR64_A&E_Spec.pdf
Manual CSP-10SVR64_Installation_Manual.pdf
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Spec Sheets CSV_CSP-10SVR64_001_ENG_002.pdf
StarNET PRO eSATA Extended Video Storage
Client and Server Software v.4.0.4
Free Software Version v.6.3.0
Video Management Software Mobile App