WD Purple microSD

WD Purple microSD
Western Digital microSD
Card Solution

It’s WD Purple

Designed for Surveillance. Building on the heritage of WD Purple hard drives, this card is designed with the right robustness, performance, and features for always-on video surveillance cameras and edge devices.

Put More Confidence In Your Cameras

High Endurance. WD Purple microSD cards are designed for continuous 24/7 recording should your camera lose connection with the NVR, providing additional confidence in your video surveillance solution.

Smart Storage Maintenance

Card Health Monitoring. In compatible cameras, card health monitoring capability allows you to get notified when it’s time to service your WD Purple microSD card, so you can perform preemptive storage management.

Robust Storage, Indoors or Outdoors

Supports -25°C to 85°C temperature range; humidity resistant. Have peace of mind that this card is designed for continuous operation in extreme weather conditions and in a variety of climates.

Continuous Capture. Hours or Days.

Wide range of capacities for different combinations of camera resolution, frame rate, recording duration, and event trigger configuration.

Please visit https://www.westerndigital.com/ for more info.

Spec Sheet WD Purple microSD Card – Spec Sheet – Nov-18v2.1.pdf
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