2MP DirectNET
Outdoor Dome Camera

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The CDI2109VIR has been discontinued, please use the CDI2512VIFWH as a replacement.

Manual CDI2109VIR_User_Manual.pdf
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Spec Sheet CDI2109VIR_Spec_Sheet.pdf
16 Channel DVR "HD over Coax" Linux OS

Pole Mount Adapter

8 Channel IR, 12 Amp
Weatherproof Enclosure
16 Channel Public View Monitor Streaming Decoder
8 Channel Encoder
Discontinued 4, 8, 16 Channel Power-thru Balun Hub
Discontinued 1 Channel UTP Video Balun
Discontinued. 1 Channel, 24VDC, 100W Washer Tank
Discontinued Junction Box
1.4-3.1 mm
DC Auto-Iris
Wall Mount, 1.5mm wide
Discontinued Wall Mount
Discontinued Keyboard Controller
Discontinued 5MP 360° DirectNET Outdoor Dome Camera
Discontinued 12MP 360° DirectNET Outdoor Dome Camera
4K (8.1MP) DirectNET Bullet Camera Remote Focus Lens IR LEDs, IP66, IK10
Discontinued 4K (8.1MP) DirectNET H.265 Bullet Camera Remote Focus Lens IR LEDs, IP67, IK10
2MP DirectNET
Indoor Dome Camera
Remote Focus Lens IR LEDs