24 Port PoE Switch

You are currently viewing a discontinued product. It has been replaced with: CRIS28v3

The CRIS28V2 PoE switches are designed to seamlessly connect to the XDi Series Network Video Recorders. The simple plug and play functionality makes connection to the XDi recorder fast and easy, eliminating the need for a computer to program or trouble shoot the switch. The application layer is designed to work with the XDi Series and is preconfigured for the DirectNET interface. The switches monitor and report the power consumption and location of each DirectNET camera. The switches are designed for the constant bandwidth required for video steaming.


DirectNET Switch, 24 PoE ports, 4 Optical Uplink ports


  • Supports 24 PoE ports, 4 Optical Uplink ports,
  • Maximum per device PoE delivery of 370 Watts
    available for 1~24 RJ45 ports
  • Individual port data transmission to DirectNET™ NVRs
  • Central power control for greater network utility
  • IEEE 802.1 x Network Login
  • SSH – encrypted data protection
  • L4 – based ACL (Access Control Unit)
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) compliant
A&E CRIS28V2_A&E_Spec.pdf
Manual CRIS28V2_Installation_Manual_v1.0.pdf
Photo CRIS28V2.jpg
Spec Sheet CRIS28V2_spec_sheet.pdf
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